Sakalaki Winery | History
Ετσι ξεκίνησαν όλα. Ο Σοφοκλής Σακαλάκης παίρνει τη μεγάλη απόφαση να κάνει έναν τεράστιο αμπελώνα, αυτού που ξεκίνησε ο παππούς του και ονειρεύτηκε ο πατέρας του.
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1922. Lost homelands, lost dreams, lost fortunes. Thousands of refugees left behind everything valuable, what favorite by taking the way back to the ancestral lands of the motherland. With a bundle on his back, with scanty clothing and many injuries, arrived with few villagers from Bogaskio City in Karasinan, today’s Playa Paionia Kilkis, Sophocles Sakalakis with his family at the age of 24. Destitution, poverty, difficult years, starting from scratch. Difficult adjustment to new circumstances, many deprivations, hard work, little choice. The new village (Kara Sinan) had large areas, rich soils and abundant water for dynamic cultivation. To get the crop should have struggled much. Many mulberry trees, almond trees and some vineyards had left behind before moving to Turkey former Turkish villagers. Newcomers first began to cultivate what was left of their former inhabitants to adapt to new conditions. Cereals, tobacco and grapes grow in the early years of their stay in their new place.


A small vineyard and a few acres of land were acquired by Sophocles Sakalakis by distributing farmland of the Ministry of Agriculture. Sophocles Sakalakis and his son John, with hard work and struggle of many years, have improved and raised the small vineyard needs, primarily the family.

Years passed. In the early 60s the old-Sophocles left his vineyard to his little son John with the wish to grow up, to start many wines and champagne. Time passed, the little John grew up, made bakery in the village and also cultivated the vine.


Pulling out good wine and raki, in the mid 70s, the care of the vineyard was taken by the eldest son of John Sakalaki, Sophocles, for a few years, until he moved to Thessaloniki for studies and work. John’s dream of a great vineyard in the village began to fade. But he tried as his forces allowed him to keep alive the vineyard of the family having bitterness because his young son abandoned him for the sake of the city and trade. In the early 90s, the agricultural service of Kilkis taking the soil and climatic conditions of the region, urging residents to switch to the systematic cultivation of vines for the qualitative and quantitative production upgrade. So they all started. Sophocles Sakalakis takes the great decision to make a huge vineyard, this started by his grandfather and his father dreamed of.